The Ten Tors Challenge

It is fifty seven years on from when three Army Officers from the Royal Corps of Signals, Colonel Gregory, Major Parker and Captain Joyner, based at Denbury, commented on their trainees’ enthusiasm as they tackled the challenges of navigating, bivouacking, and field cooking in wild country up on Dartmoor as part of their training.

Why should such activities, they asked, be confined to Junior Leaders? why not also to less privileged young civilians? Today, many thousands of young people have taken part in the Ten Tors Challenge; this year for Coombeshead Academy was no exception, with a dedicated group of students successfully completing the challenge after months of hard training in all weathers. There were two teams, 45 and 55 mile and a dedicated support team of staff.

The Ten Tors Staff

  1. Jeremy Hunt (Team Manager)
  2. Joyce Walters (Deputy TM)
  3. Yvette Huxham

55 mile team

  1. Alex and Will Stirland
  2. Carla Courtier
  3. Stephan Wolke
  4. Grace Crosby (ex Coombeshead)
  5. Stephen Shotter (ex Teign)

45 mile team

  1. Maddie Stevens (Team Leader)
  2. Vicky Witts (Navigator)
  3. Ben Pead (Navigator)
  4. Sophie Evans
  5. Ellen Guille
  6. Curtis McColl
  7. Poppy Lovick (Reserve)